I'm ENGAGED! Now what do I do?

STEP 1: Be Engaged

First of all, you’re ENGAGED, a huge congratulations on this most exciting time! You have officially decided to commit to the love of your life and to embark on a new journey as a Husband or a Wife. It’s a BIG deal. Enjoy the Engagement time, seriously! It’s similar to the Honeymoon phase, it only happens once and you don’t want to miss it. Take a moment to enjoy the exciting news, just the two of you, before you make your official announcement to Family, Friends and on your social networks. It’s your moment, enjoy it together you won’t regret it. You’ve probably stumbled upon Kalla’s Galas, because you’re already trying to plan, that’s great we’d love to hear from you, but in a few weeks after becoming a “Fiancé” has really set in. This is a once in a lifetime moment, take it in.

STEP 2: Plan Smart

Now, the number one question we are always asked is “How much does a Wedding cost”? Guess what, there is no one answer. A “Wedding” can mean so many different things to different people, and therefore the cost can vary dramatically. If we told you the average cost of a wedding according to stats from the year, you may be disappointed or extremely relieved, that’s not the right way to start planning. In order to help guide you we also ask you to decide on 3 very important details, before we get started. Once you sort out these answers, then give us a call and we are ready to jump in and help, we highly recommend professional resources to ease and allow you to enjoy the planning process!

  • DETAIL 1: The Guest List

    • That’s right - time to decide who you’re inviting, at the very least you need to get a sense of how many guests you’re expecting. This will dictate your venue and your budget. The two most important elements after all.

    • Fun Facts: 10% of your invited guest list will RSVP Regrets, 20% if its a travel and/or destination Wedding.

    • The list will never be complete - not until the Invitations go out. It’s a working document and probably the hardest exercise and decision making of the whole process, but it is the most important one!

    • Guest List Template - More details in another Blog Post

  • DETAIL 2: The Budget

    • What’s your budget? We are posing the question back to you. What is your low and your high? The absolute MAX you will not be able to surpass? It’s important you set these expectations from the get go and explore options (venues, seasons, guest count) that fit within these expectations. You plan a Wedding to a budget, not a budget to a Wedding.

    • Budget Questions - More details in another Blog Post

  • DETAIL 3: The Date

    • Are you Season specific? Does it have to be a Friday vs. a Saturday? Are you set on a certain Month or certain date? Be upfront about these details, to avoid any disappointment. No harm not knowing, you can be open to anything, that works too, but if you are specific be specific from the beginning.

    • Fridays are in fact cheaper than Saturday, and a lot of fun, we highly recommend it!

    • There is no bad season for a Wedding, what matters is the look and feel that you want to achieve. Soft Colours and outdoor greenery photos in the Summer, deep warm hues, pumpkins, and leaves in the Fall, Fur white elegance and Holiday spirit in the Winter or umbrellas and peonies in the Spring.

    • Venue Questions - More details in another Blog Post

STEP 3: Top Three Must Haves

  • Before any planning can begin you need to sit down the two of you and decide three elements that are the MOST important and non-negotiable elements of your big day.

  • Examples of this include: Delicious Food, Open Bar, Live Entertainment, My dream dress, outdoor photos, harvest tables only, etc.

  • Stick to your Top 3, make them a priority and focus your budget and your energy on making these elements the BEST, you won’t regret it.

  • Be on the same page, decide on these elements together. This way, on the big day you both won’t be disappointed.

  • Consider including a Veto card - where you can have 1 must have not on the top 3 list that your partner may not agree with. Remember only 1 each!

That’s all for now, stay tuned for more posts,

xx Kalla’s Galas