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Etiquette 101 - Invitation Protocol


  • Send 4-6 months in advance of the big day

  • Why is this necessary?

    • Be mindful that your guests have to make arrangements for your big day (taking time off, travel, budgeting). They will always appreciate more than enough notice.

    • You may not be the only Wedding amongst your Friends and Family, help everyone know the date you picked to avoid any overlaps or confusions.

  • Must include Elements:

    • The DATE - of course!

    • Your Names

    • A beautiful photo (from your Engagement Session)

  • Optional Elements:

    • Wedding Website

    • Venue

    • Wedding Hashtag - get the social posting started early!

      • Hashtag Maker: https://www.ewedding.com/free-wedding-hashtag-generator/

    • NO Registry (the Shower & Invitation is when this will be shared)


  • Distribute 6-8 weeks from Wedding Day

    • If its a Destination Wedding or there are many travelling in for your Wedding, send your Invitations out a few weeks earlier, as well as a Save-the-Date. They’ll appreciate the notice.

  • Why so close to the Wedding you may ask?

    • If you’re doing menu selection through the RSVP you’ll need to have these details first (which you won’t confirm with your venue until 2-3 months out)

    • RSVPs will be more accurate, it’s enough notice, but not too far that your guest knows their plans more definitely

  • RSVP Deadline - 2-3 weeks from the Wedding

    • Ensure you note the date you have to provide your venue with final guest count and dietary restrictions and provide yourself with a buffer of time for follow-ups with any guests you don’t hear from

  • Must include Elements:

    • Invited on behalf of statement (Parents, the Couple…) specifies who is paying for the Wedding (more traditional)

    • Bride & Groom Names (First & Last)

    • Date

    • Ceremony Time & Reception Time (if different locations)

      • Buffer it a bit earlier than the actual ceremony begins to allow for everyone to arrive in time

    • Venue Details (both locations if there are multiple). Full address to help the Google search!

    • RSVP Deadline & Details

      • Separate insert with envelope and stamp provided

      • OR Online service (www.theknot.com or a unique e-mail)

    • Optional:

      • Registry

      • Wedding Website

      • Dress Code

      • Dietary Selection/Restrictions

      • Wedding Hashtag


There is no right answer for this, it’s whatever works with your style, your budget and your vibe. So many beautiful options to choose from!

Here are a few of our favourite places:

  • Go Paperless - affordable & earth friendly:

    • Greenvelope: https://www.greenvelope.com (charitable donation a plus)

  • Online Print Shops - that you can design from the comfort of your home

    • Shutterfly/Wedding Paper Divas: https://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery/wedding-cards-stationery/wedding-invitations

    • Minted: https://www.minted.com/wedding?feature=lifestyle_nav&event=click&l0_node_name=wedding

    • Vista Print: https://www.vistaprint.ca/?GP=01%2f22%2f2019+22%3a09%3a26&GPS=5294057219&GNF=0 (budget friendly)

  • Paper Experts

    • The Papery: https://www.thepaperytoronto.com


  • Invite 10% more guests than you’d ideally like as your final guest count

  • 10-20% of guests will decline (more if it’s a destination/travel wedding)

  • 5% who RSVP yes may cancel last minute due to unplanned circumstances or illness


Be clear and specific on your envelopes as that explicitly outlines who is invited, avoid confusion here!

  • List the guests by full name

  • Include the guests name specifically where possible (make a hard cutoff to extend for new relationships)

  • Not everyone needs to receive a +1

  • Including “The NAME Family” implies children are invited, whereas listing the specific names does not

  • Don’t forget extra postage and return envelope if you are including RSVP cards

  • Including your mailing address in case of return to sender


  • Print a small run if you go digital, so you have a keepsake, and a few copies for your parents/ close friends & family

  • Print extras - pack it away in that Memory box

  • Have extras packed too bring on the Wedding day - Photographers do stunning vignettes with your Invitations!

  • Stick to a theme where possible with all your Stationary for consistency

Most importantly enjoy the selection & the beauty of your design. It’s a true capture of your special day, and one of the few pieces you will get to keep forever.

xx Kalla’s Galas