They say, nothing lasts forever; dreams change, trends come and go, but friendships never go out of style" - Sex in the City

Here is to the the strong, independent and fierce women that you chose to stand by your side on the biggest and most important day of your life.

The ladies you pick for this very important role is a special decision. They are your support system, and your forever friends. These photos, these moments and these memories will last a lifetime.

They will also dedicate a lot of time, energy and money into making this the best Wedding for you, so never forget to appreciate all the they do!

Your girls deserve nothing but the best and here are some tips & tricks to have a kick ass Bridal Party! Your Bridesmaids will thank you.


  • Every women is beautiful in her own way, a different body shape, a unique style - embrace it - you love them for who they are anyways! Save yourself the pressure and let them pick their dress style.

  • Pick a colour palette. It is your “wedding design” so be specific, pick one colour, a theme, or shades of colours. Your ladies will support you and will appreciate the direction.

  • Shape matters - that’s where it counts. Your Bridesmaids will appreciate selecting a dress that compliments their body type and that they feel the most beautiful in. Main importance be consistent on the length.

  • Your bridesmaids compliment you, and you definitely want them looking and feeling their absolute best.

  • Save money. Everyone’s budget is different, but shopping based on their selection and budget will make them the most happy in the end. Let’s be honest you never wear the dress again. Maybe this way they actually might.


  • Keep it simple not specific - if your dresses are long you will barely see them

  • Pick a colour and let the girls do the rest

  • Your bridesmaids will appreciate being able to wear something they already own, or burying a pair they love and can wear again

  • PS. remind them to bring flat shoes, or wear flat shoes from the start, you want comfy feet when the dance party begins!


  • If you’re not gifting it (which you don’ have to) - let them make the choice

  • It’s really fun to be together with all your girls getting ready in the morning, but you can still do this even if its not the professionals doing their hair & make up

  • Give them the choice to join in on paid services, but remember some ladies are SO talented or prefer to do their own hair or make up or both

  • Let them pick their hairstyle - again allowing them to be themselves and look their best, but as to approve it they’ll understand


  • A beautiful opportunity for a small token of appreciation that you can gift your girls

  • A necklace, earrings or bracelet can help tie the whole look together if you’d like an element of cohesion

  • Forewarn your girls that you are providing something, so they avoid purchasing something in advance

Throughout it all, be apart of the journey with them. Dress shop with them, ask for photos, get excited, share it with all the girls! It’s a lot of fun you don’t want to miss. Remember tho you do have the ultimate say and don’t be nervous to be honest if you don’t like the direction.

A few AMAZING vendor recommendations, so your Bride Tribe is GLAM!


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The girls have been through it all with you and will make every moment of you Wedding journey that much more special. You’ll cherish it always. Bridesmaid for a day, but best friend for life.

xx Kalla’s Galas