I can't say I DO without YOU - Will you be my Bridesmaid?

The Groom may be doing the original proposal, but now it’s YOUR turn. Time to pick the lucky ladies you can’t say “I Do” without. Propose to your Bride Tribe with these fun proposal gifts!

It’s becoming more and more common to gift your bridal party as part of the “proposal”. There are many ways to go about this, from custom ready to order “box sets”, to more personalized pieces or budget friendly DIY options.

It’s the thought that counts after all, and if you’ve already been through it all with these girls, they are going to LOVE being asked, and the gift is simply a bonus!

Have fun with it, make it your own, put in some thought & detail - the gesture will go a long way. Let’s be honest, your Bridesmaids are going to be putting in a lot of time, energy and money to make sure your engagement journey and wedding is perfect, so make them feel special too!

Here are a few of our favourite items to help you get started:

  • Custom Bag or Tote - think about the practicality behind your gifts, can they use it again and enjoy it throughly

  • Mini Bubbly - even consider personalizing the alcohol to each lady, there are “minis” in everything now! A fresh juice is a great non-alcoholic alternative too.

  • Custom liquor labels - a cheap and cheerful fun personalization to make it your own

  • Bath Bombs - spoil them and give them a chance to relax, lots of bath bombs have cute play on words too!

  • Tie the Knot Accessories - hair ties, earnings, bracelets or necklaces are a fun play on words

  • Personal Note Card -make sure to include the ask, and have a personal touch too

  • Confetti Petal Poppers - it’s a celebration after all!

  • Other ideas include: Nail polish, custom glass, personal photo, squish candies, hand cream & candles

Custom Boxes are a great way to go too & look super profesh!

Looking for more inspiration - don’t fret - 40 more great ideas on The Knot!

Whatever you decide will be perfect for you too & at the end of the day that’s all that matters & it looks fun on instagram too!


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